Tooted ja teenused

Tooted ja teenused

  • Artiklid ja kolumnid

    Creative, insightful, perceptive and trustworthy are just a few of the words that have been used to describe the’ robust list of editorial columnists.

  • Infograafika, illustratsioonid ja kaardid

    News graphics is often the easiest way to get a story across. In today’s image-driven society, graphics, political caricatures and illustrations have become a natural part of our news flow. The interaction between text and image makes it easier to absorb information – it certainly makes it more difficult to skip over. 

  • Interaktiivsed tooted

    Bulls Pressi digitaalsed nuputamisülesanded ja mängud on osutunud juba nii populaarseteks, et võivad aidata ka teie kodulehe külastajatel jälle ja jälle sinna tagasi pöörduda.

  • Kättetoimetamine

    Bulls Graphics is Bulls Press’ supplier of material to daily newspapers. Bulls Graphics is the largest supplier of comic-strips in Europe, and also delivers crosswords, sudoku, ready-to-use pages, horoscopes and much more.

  • Nuputamist lastele

    Catch the eye of tomorrow’s readers today! Bulls Press offers fun and educational children’s pages with puzzles and crosswords. Many of the games can also be combined with any of the Bulls Press comic strips aimed at a younger audience.


  • Nuputamist täiskasvanutele

    Bulls Press has something for both adults and children alike.

  • Sudokud

    This logic-based puzzle entails combining sequences of numbers in the right way. The aim is to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers so that each row, each column and each of the nine 3×3 mini-grids that make up the main grid contain all of the numbers from 1-9.

  • Trükiteenus

    The right price, high quality and quick delivery are core needs for today’s buyers of printed matter. Bulls Graphics offers it all – plus our invaluable pre-production know-how.